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I Enjoyed training with Darrell the sessions always varied and I was challenged to be the best I could be. I became the fittest and leanest I have ever been. 

Brendon Pongia - TV Personality

Darrell taught me how to get lean and use weights to  tone and shape. I love my physique now, I am fit lean and have lots of energy.

Jessica Peake

My husband Burton and I trained with Darrell in Wellington we enjoyed our sessions and would recommend him. 

Former Prime Minister


About Darrell

Darrell Packe (Coachfitness) began Personal training in Canada while on a rugby playing sabbatical. On his return he played NPC rugby on the wing for Hawke’s Bay. After his playing days he became involved in professional fitness training. Darrell has trained international athletes, provincial and national teams.

Darrell is tertiary qualified with a Diploma in exercise physiology, Diploma in Sports Studies and Post graduate diploma in Musculo Skeletal Medicine. Darrell currently works closely with internationally known physiotherapists and sports doctors. Darrell is one of the most experienced and qualified trainers in the country and offers a variety of plans for his clients to ensure results. His gold programme is one on one training with specialised muscle balance testing and individualised toning and shaping plans. This is Darrell’s most popular program as it gets results fast.  Darrell also offers home training to individuals or small groups. 

Darrell has made it his passion to bring professional advice and training to everyone who wants it. His goal is to revolutionise personal training making it affordable and accessible to everyone. His new Coachfitness programme is professional training for you: it’s fun. You will love the energy generated by exercising with people. You will enjoy the evolving nature of fitness whether it be to get fit for life or run a marathon we all have something in common that’s the need to feel good about ourselves and about our appearance. 

People are made up of all shapes and sizes so it makes sense to tailor exercise to suit the individual’s needs. 

The secret is to make it easy to follow, fun and rewarding. 

Phone: 0272 492 702

Visit Darrell's website: www.coachfitness.co.nz


  • 135 Thirteenth Ave,
  • Tauranga South,
  • 3112, New Zealand
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