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I had to lose weight, so I went to Fit.Co. I was rather nervous because I was old, I had never done anything sporty at all and I thought the place would be full of beautiful young people. But I soon lost that nervousness when I found that a lot of the people I met were just ordinary people, all ages and shapes. The staff at Fit.Co are great, open and friendly and always ready with advice. With their help and encouragement I managed to walk the Rotorua Marathon for the first time when I was 72. A lot of different people go to Fit.Co, young and old, fat and thin, tall and short, and quite a few have become friends. If you are looking for a great place to work out, then look no further than Fit.Co.

Sabine Flinders

The discipline and focus that I have learnt at Fit.Co, I have been able to use in all areas of my life. Although the desired results do take time to achieve, the positive feedback from friends and family make it all worth while.

Tanerahi Keno

I have been a member at Fit.Co for nearly four years. To me it’s not just about going and doing your workout, but also about the great people you meet of all ages, friendships you develop, ease of using all the equipment because of the wide range available, lots of parking and central location, and of course the great staff who are always available to assist you.

Paulette Nielsen

I have been going to Fit.Co since its inception and enjoy the friendly atmosphere created by John and Mark and their staff. The equipment is up to date and their personal trainers will assess your exercise regime should it be required. I started to go as I suffer from asthma and arthritis and have found it a great help. Since I retired, I try to get there 3 or 4 times a week as this keeps me on the move and fit enough to get to golf!

Ted Mills

I am frequently asked why does an over 70 go to a gym. It started when I decided at age 60, and as an “average” athlete in my younger years, I would like to participate in Masters Athletics. Previously hampered by “pulled muscles” it was suggested that this was less likely if my training sought to balance opposing muscles. In addition weight bearing exercise not only strengthens muscles and makes day to day chores seem easier, bones are also strengthened. Thus attending a gym where experienced trainers oversee the activity was the logical place to achieve this. Why Fit Co? On moving to Tauranga I inspected several gymnasiums, and was impressed by the immaculate facilities, the equipment available and the helpful staff at Fit Co. Now, after nearly 10 years, I am still impressed. There has been the opportunity to meet many interesting people, although chatting is very brief as there is a job to be done; and time is limited. The availability of personal trainers has enhanced my ability to achieve better than expected results as a 66kg hammer thrower, however my “throwing” coach must take most of this credit. If I do sustain an injury, a physiotherapist is on-site. The time spent at this gym has certainly increased my enjoyment of Masters Athletics, and opened up opportunities to add purpose to travel and be amongst yet another group of vibrant and healthy people.

Ray Laurie
Our Members say...
Our members say...

I’ve been to a few gyms around the country, and most could take a leaf out of Fit Co’s book. It’s fairly rare that you get greeted when you arrive, and said goodbye to when you leave at many places around the place. But at Fit Co, they seem to go out of their way to do this. It makes my experience there much more appealing. The range of equipment is great, and I have yet had to wait my turn to use any machine, or free weights. I’ve got the motivation and Fit Co has provided the blue print, and all the tools necessary for me to build the best body I can.

Mike Callender

The reasons I come to Fit.Co are;
1) relaxed and friendly atmosphere
2) plenty of quality equipment
3) wide range of ages
4) helpful staff and experienced trainers
5) easy parking
Therefore after 3 ½ years I have no inclination to change gyms.

Bronwyn-Anne Lightbody

I go to Fit Co because it’s central in location, you can always get a park and the gym is really spacious. There’s heaps of equipment to choose from so you can vary your workout.

Kirsty Harper

Being a professional sports person means the gym is an important part. Working on staying fit, and keeping my body strong. If I’m not playing beach volleyball you’ll find me at Fit.Co, building my fitness, strength and endurance to assist in the World Tour. I enjoy working out at Fit.Co because of the large area, giving the feeling of working out freely and not the sense of being crowded by people. I’ve worked out at numerous gyms throughout the world and really appreciate the friendly environment at Fit.Co.

Jason Lochead, Pro Beach Volleyballer

Fit.Co has everything I need in a gym. Everyone is really friendly and I get the right training and advice first time. If it wasn’t Fit.Co, I wouldn’t go.

Vanessa Quinn, World Mountain Bike Champ



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