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Being a member of the NZ Army, I am required to maintain a high level of physical and mental fitness which includes strength, cardio, stamina and endurance.Fitco provides all the resources and equipment I need to achieve this.

I have been a member of Fitco for four years now and it still provides me with the focus and the challenges I need. The HIIT Functional room provides the specialist equipment required to gain that extra edge. Changes I have seen under the new management have been excellent. Old equipment has been upgraded, a females only area has been added, and the gym has had a facelift!

Fellow gym members are friendly yet focussed on the job at hand. Tim and the Team are exceptional! They are helpful and full of encouragement.

Fitco is my gym of choice now, and for the future


Great choice of gym equipment which is updated frequently, friendly staff, great bunch of gym users, wouldn't go anywhere else!


I have been a member at Fitco for many years. To me it’s not just about going and doing your workout, but also about the great people you meet of all ages, friendships you develop, ease of using all the equipment because of the wide range available, lots of parking and central location, and of course the great staff who are always available to assist you.

Paulette Nielsen

I have been going to Fitco since its inception and enjoy the friendly atmosphere created by the staff. The equipment is up to date and the trainers will assess your exercise regime should it be required. I started to go as I suffer from asthma and arthritis and have found it a great help. Since I retired, I try to get there 3 or 4 times a week as this keeps me on the move!

Ted Mills


I’ve changed a lot over the last three years, both physically and mentally since going to Fitco. I started only using the cardio equipment, then I joined group fitness classes, and now I lift weights and have the balance of all three.

Fitco is like a second home to me.

I've been to other gyms, but none of them have the same community feel that Fitco has. I've formed so many friendships with other members, and the staff are the best! (Definitely makes going to the gym more enjoyable!)


I chose Fitco for the location, and I stayed for the kickass atmosphere!

The staff are super friendly and always helpful and EVERYONE there is awesome!




  • 135 Thirteenth Ave,
  • Tauranga South,
  • 3112, New Zealand
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